Features & Benefits of being in the NEST

  1. NEST supports the independent, home-based travel agency community exclusively.

  2. NEST enables the home-based agency to maintain the true independence they desire, serving as a membership organization and not a franchise nor host agency.

  3. NEST enables members to book directly with suppliers so that they receive 100% of commissions earned and 100% recognition as the agency of record.

  4. NEST offers a wide variety of preferred suppliers including cruise lines, tour operators, hotels and resorts so that selling opportunities are virtually unlimited and all are financially rewarding. 

  5. NEST negotiates higher commissions for members, delivering higher profits on every sale.

  6. NEST negotiates exclusive discounts, value-added amenities, and bonus commission opportunities to further increase competitiveness and profitability. NESTRewards is an exclusive program which allows you the opportunity to earn exciting incentive Rewards just by booking your preferred Suppliers. Each time you make an eligible booking, you will make extra Cash.

  7. NEST offers turn-key sales promotions as part of an aggressive marketing calendar so that members always have advertising opportunities.

  8. NEST designs sales tools to help members cultivate repeat & referral business. Our NESTDirect mail program is perfect - members receive 150 pieces FREE!!!

  9. NEST respects the privacy and confidentiality of the agency's customer database and does not require nor request access at any time.

  10. NEST provides members with cruiseexpress(tm), a direct-connect/real-time cruise booking engine, cruiseexpress(tm) (powered by TravStar Technologies), for tremendous office productivity efficiencies and competitive advantages.

  11. NEST does not charge members user-fees nor monthly fees for the use of CruiseNEST.

  12. NEST offers database management tools within cruiseexpress(tm) to further reduce the agency's costs, yet add essential, simple to use marketing capabilities.

  13. NEST does not charge franchise fees, does not collect a percentage of sales, and does not charge a menu of administrative fees, requiring only a low annual membership fee.

  14. NEST connects members to members via inthenest.com, establishing a strong sense of community amongst members by encouraging best practice sharing, destination expertise assistance, even business-sitting support.

  15. NEST connects members to essential information including sales promotions and training events via inthenest.com.

  16. NEST connects members to suppliers via Virtual Sales Calls, for timely product training and distribution of essential competitive information. Sit back and watch the screen for training brought right into your home, twice weekly.

  17. NEST connects members to continuing education designed and delivered by experts through NEST Virtual Trainings.

  18. NEST connects members to hands-on training with ongoing FAM trips and Seminars at Sea.

  19. NEST communicates essential information uniquely by filtering out duplication to reduce clutter, virtually eliminating paper communications and utilizing compelling video messaging.

  20. NEST staffs a member support desk committed to personable, friendly, responsive service.


Membership Fees

You pay a $149 ONE-TIME application fee to get you started. NEST annual memberhsip fee is $225 which is being WAIVED for the first two years of membership!!!



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Address: 243 South Street,
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Toll-free phone: 888-245-6378
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Email: info@jointhenest.com

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