What it takes to be in NEST

Dear Home-Based Professional,

The triumphant rush you feel upon closing a sale while working from home is infinitely sweeter for you. The commission, the client, the entire effort in fact the entire company is yours!

NEST celebrates you!

Did you turn home-based because high store-front rent was evaporating profits? Or, was your business born on the kitchen table and now occupies a bedroom, basement or garage? You are the new travel-selling sales force: Dynamic, dedicated, productive, yet largely misunderstood and unsupported in the travel industry!

NEST is built for you and your business model, exclusively. Despite your insatiable entrepreneurial spirit (and the best commute in town), a little financial, professional and personal help would be nice, yes?

It's your business. NEST can help.

Book directly with all cruise lines, tour operators, resorts, etc., and keep full commissions. Your customer database remains yours! And, most importantly, maintain your independence. NEST provides you with the industry's newest, user-friendly direct-connect cruise booking engine, greater earnings, continuous education and passionate motivation, a strong community network, and complete attention to your unique business needs. What you need, when you need it.

Are you the serious home-based travel agency aspiring to financial, professional and personal growth? Join NEST. We believe in what you do and where you want to go.

Yours truly,


Kathryn Mazza-Burney


Membership Requirements

  • Must be home-based.
  • Must be independently owned and operated as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
  • Must already be registered to book directly with suppliers, not booking through a host.
  • Must be a strong producer, generating a minimum dollar amount of preferred supplier sales.

Membership Fees

You pay a $149 ONE-TIME application fee to get you started. NEST annual memberhsip fee is $225 which is being WAIVED for the first two years of membership!!!


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Contact Details

Address: 243 South Street,
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Toll-free phone: 888-245-6378
Ext: 5010
Fax: 516-624-6024

Email: info@jointhenest.com

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